DIY: Wire Memo Board

If you're anything like me, you're looking for ways to get (and stay) organized. Of course, it will likely only last a month or two before we have to do a complete overhaul to get things back on track, but we have to keep trying, right? I have a really quick, easy DIY project that could help you corral important mail or notes and display your favorite photos - and it might even cost zero dollars!

Did you ever use these wire modular shelving sets? If so, perhaps they are still sitting in your garage or basement gathering dust right now! Dig a couple out and in just a few minutes you can create a modern, chic way to organize your mail and photos in your entryway, office, or kitchen.


This DIY is so easy, finding your shelving set is the hardest part. Pull a couple out and dust them off. Once you've decided where you will place them, simply use nails or picture hangers to attach your panels to the wall. I used gold hangers because I liked the mixed metal look but you could use black hangers or even spray paint all the pieces a completely different color.


I would recommend adding some felt pads to the corners to add a little space between the wall and your grid so there's plenty of space for clips. Use small clothespins or binder clips to attach photos, bills, or some greenery and even slide your sunglasses into the grid for safe keeping.


Of course, if you don't happen to have these shelves but you like the look of the grid instead of a standard cork board, there are plenty of options to purchase similar memo boards below. What are you doing to get organized in the new year?

Trouva - $74

-Krystal Lamoureux