Before & After: A Whole New Everything

It's no secret that I am a total house nerd.  "Before and Afters" are like a drug to me.  I love them all- complicated or simple.  I get super excited to see a dark and dreary space turn into something light, fresh and loved!  Sometimes all it takes to make a huge change is a simple coat of paint and other times, it's a whole new everything.  

Our latest remodel project was on Boulder Creek in Minnetonka. Boulder Creek needed a whole new everything.  The home was actually in great shape, but it was a dark, dated mess.  There was a small kitchen, a closed off dining room, lots of wood paneling and dated wallpaper (well dated everything actually!) and gorgeous wood floors that had never seen the light of day!  We did a total overhaul on the house.  In some of our remodel projects, the changes are more cosmetic, but Boulder Creek needed a bit more.  I'm sure when it was completed in the 1960's, it was great- but it didn't make any sense for how families live today.  Open spaces are in, so we tried our best to make this house an open and inviting home.  In my opinion, we succeeded!

The project was a lot of fun to complete.  Brad and I used to live a home that was a very similar floor plan, so we had the vision of what it *could* be from the moment we saw it.  We knew all of the things that made people pass it by (it was on the market for quite a while!), were actually total changeable.

I'll get more into the details later- what we changed and what products we used.  Also, as a disclaimer- Brad and I do not do any of the work ourselves.  We partner with a licensed home builder and remodeler, Laurel Builders.  They are amazing and do high quality work.  And to top it off, they are really great guys.

Do you like what you see?  Brad and I love helping our clients find and renovate unloved homes.  It's easier than you think and you can finance the project with as little as 5% down!