Before & After: Diamond in the Rough... Seriously Rough

Here is the best before and after yet.  Seriously.  This house was in rough shape.  It needed a whole lot of love-- and lead and mold mitigation.  Whew.  The change was AMAZING!  It truly was a whole new house with new EVERYTHING.  There wasn't a single thing in this house that we didn't completely overturn.  We were able to salvage the gorgeous Ash floors and solid wood doors after some serious refinishing.  Luckily, we sold it to an awesome couple before it was complete, so they were able to pick some of the final details like paint colors and fixtures.  It turned out perfectly!!

Beyond the above Before and After photos, we also took the unfinished half story and turned it into a master suite.  I don't have any before photos and these afters are prior to the space being finished, so apologies for the dust!

This was actually our first renovation.  Go big or go home, I guess.  There were stressful moments as we were expecting our second child and had a one year old running around.  Pregnant me didn't spend much time (maybe 30 seconds total) in the house until we had all of the potentially hazardous issues taken care of, so Brad was our main planner.  As always, Brad and I have the vision, but all of our work is hired out by licensed contractors.  We really do love the way this home turned out and are even happier that such an awesome couple was able to make it home and give it the love it deserves!

Again, if you like what you see, Brad and I would love to help you find and renovate a home.  It is easier than you think and possible with as little as 5% down.