Let's create an aromatic Fall Planter!

Hey there! Excited to share our Fall Planter tutorial with you. Follow this step by step tutorial for a fragrant flawless arrangement:

  1. Clear out any old dirt and plants and give your new plants the ability to thrive well into the fall.
  2. Place a large plastic pot at the bottom of your container to take up some of that unneeded space which will save you dirt.
  3. Fill pot 3/4 of the way up with your favorite dirt/fertilizer mix.
  4. Start from the back with your tallest plant and work forward. Make sure to break up the root systems a bit so they can soak up all those great nutrients and water. Here are the plants we used: Purple Fountain Grass, Ornamental Peppers, Mint, Cabbage, Dusty Miller, Mums, Dried eucalyptus
  5. Once all plants are placed fill up any gaps with the dirt/fertilizer mixture.
  6. Place your dried element throughout your pot. We used eucalyptus which has a beautiful sent. Other ideas would be twigs, grasses, or pumpkins.
  7. You did it! Enjoy!
-Kara Kurth