Mini Boxwood Wreaths


When it comes to gift wrapping I always try to simplify and bring in some natural elements, here is a easy way to make a textured look for the holidays!


-Craft paper
-Several sprigs of boxwood
-Floral Wire (Green)
-White/Cream cardstock
-Favorite pen
-Hot glue gun

Bonus items: extra wintergreens, thicker burlap ribbon, Winterberries, or baker’s twine.


  • Pour yourself a glass of wine or coffee and put on your favorite music to craft to! My pick “A Very She & Him Christmas”.
  • Wrap gifts with craft paper.
  • Wrap the gift with twine at least three times.
  • Form a circle with wire (double check that it is the desired size for the package you’ve already wrapped)
  • Take the sprigs of boxwood and attach to the wreath form using floral wire (try not to let wire show too much) Once wreath is full with the boxwood, add in any extra greens or berries using the wire to secure.
  • Attach twine through the wreath to secure it to the package. Add any extra ribbon to add texture.
  • To make the nametag, cut your card stock a little longer than the width of the wreath write down name or message.
  • Cut off triangle at either end.
  • Fold paper on both ends, and then bend to form a dome.
  • Hot glue banner to wreath.
  • Ta-da! You now have a beautiful gift for friends/family!

Don't have time? At any fabric store they have faux boxwood garland that you can cut and wrap around (at least two times) into a mini wreath and add a name tag/ message!

Bonus use: Make same wreaths for table scape for a great dinner party.

Hope you and your family have a fantastic Holiday season