Heather Fox | Realtor®, Design Director

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For the past 13 years, my husband Brad and I have lived and breathed real estate. It's our job, but it's also our passion. We LOVE it! We closed on our first home the day before we got married and haven't slowed down since. We've found our niche in renovating and transforming homes for our clients, as well as our own investments. We're hooked.

Want to hear a secret? Sometimes major transformations cost no more than a few cans of paint. You don't have to have a big budget to get a big transformation. Let me help!! It gives me so much pride to turn the worst house on the block into a gem. I am design obsessed and can't believe I get to do it as my full time job! I still find myself taking the long way home to drive past old projects and give them a little wave.

Me: I’m Heather- wife, mama, St. Thomas grad, lover of art, music and design. I married my best friend and business partner less than a year from the day we met. That's Brad, he's pretty amazing and I bet you'd like him too. We like to do things big and bold. Somehow, we are lucky enough to raise the two coolest dudes we've ever met, Graham and Wesley. They keep our lives full of love and too many laughs to keep count. And oh man, are they cute. They are a full part of our business and I tear up thinking about how happy that makes me. (Another fact about me, I tear up at nearly every happy moment... just a warning in case we meet.)

I feel so fortunate to do what I do and have SUCH an amazing team along side of me. I'd love to help you create your dream home!

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