Bathroom mirrors are going full circle.

I’ve had bathrooms on the brain lately as I’ve been working on an update to our guest bathroom. Part of that process has been choosing a new mirror to replace the builder-basic version that had been gracing our wall before. Just adding a large, round black framed mirror added some much-needed energy and character to the room.

Just because a mirror is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be unique and beautiful, too! Consider swapping out your current mirror for a new, round model. It’s a fun way to inject some personality into your bathroom – and much quicker, easier and less expensive than replacing a vanity or tile. The curved mirror softens all the straight lines and square edges found in a bathroom, and it’s a fun, low-effort change that makes a big impact. Here are some ways you can use a round mirror to breathe some new life into your bathroom.

1. Pair a round mirror with sleek wall sconces or hanging pendant lights on either side.

2. Feature two round mirrors over a double sink vanity.

Below, Heather opted for two round beauties with leather straps to add more height visually and coordinate with the industrial lighting.

From our Fox Homes Stoneybrook project


3. Or, instead of two smaller mirrors, opt for one giant round mirror over your double vanity to add some drama to your morning routine and reflect more light into your bathroom.

Joa Koeneke