Kara Kurth | Interior Stylist, Brand Manager

There is always space for inspiration. No matter if I’m at a coffee shop and notice the tile work or at a museum and discover a new color palette. Design is a living breathing thing that drives me in every aspect of my life. Fashion informs interiors, interiors inform landscaping, landscaping informs graphics, and graphics inform textiles. A beautiful loop that I love to be caught in.

For over a decade, styling has been the common thread throughout my work. From visual merchandising, to table tops, to interiors, I have found great satisfaction in the puzzle that is space, playing until it’s just right…down to the last detail.

Free time is spent with the men in my life, my husband Bill and our two boys. We own Golden Age Design, a Mid Century Furniture store in Robbinsdale, MN which keeps us busy! I also find great fulfillment in traveling near or far and staying in unique hotels. There is always something visually to take home. Life is full and fun. Just how I like it.