Megan Aeling | Realtor

My real estate journey began when my boyfriend (now my loving husband, Eric) suggested we buy a duplex and live in half of it.  I didn’t fully understand the concept or why it would benefit us so I dismissed the idea.  At the time, I was working as a dental hygienist and a patient mentioned to me that owning rental properties had given her financial freedom. A few months later we found our perfect little rental property and got to work with renovating it.  My untapped passion for real estate had officially been discovered!

For me, purchasing a home changed the course of my life so I understand how monumental that moment can be.  My goal is to make the process of buying, selling or renovating a home an exciting and positive experience for my clients.  Building a genuine and trusting relationship with each person I work with is my number one priority as a realtor. 

Outside of work you will likely find me planning or day dreaming about our next vacation.  My favorite place to be is on a walk around Lake Calhoun or sitting on the patio at the cabin with a glass of wine in hand.  We recently brought home an adorable little puppy named Nessie and spend our evenings snuggling with him on the couch!