Tiffany Mueller | Stylist

I have a love for all things design. Being creative gives me energy and drives me. In college I studied Graphic Design and Art History. Art History gives me the opportunity to learn about different styles and cultures while Graphic Design allows me to create my own art. I’ve spent several years as a graphic designer doing everything from web design to print collateral and branding. My design background spilled over into our home life by creating meaningful artwork for our walls. My current love is learning different fiber art techniques and creating wall hangings, pillows and other decor pieces. 

My husband and I purchased our forever home a few years ago in Edina and it needed a lot of love! We have been documenting our process on our blog I have enjoyed taking that same love for graphic design and applying it to making our home a cozy and unique space that reflects who we are. My goal is to makes others feel right at home when they are here. We have two little ladies so it is important to me to have a stylish space that is still comfortable and not too delicate. Couches also double as trampolines in our house!

Whenever I am in a new space, whether that is a restaurant, shop or a home, I’m always dreaming up how I would arrange things to make it feel warm and inviting. I love helping people breath new life into their space by using items they already have in their home, and then mixing them with homemade, thrifted or new items to make it a place they love to be in.