Tyler Dill | Realtor

Growing up as a son of a Heating & AC contractor gave me exposure into how homes are built and maintained.  As a 20 year old college student, I started my own business, Parkway Pizza, a neighborhood pizza restaurant in Southeast Minneapolis. This opportunity of running a business while offering an exceptional service and product was very rewarding to me. My passion of serving people, leading others, while being part of a fast-paced team led me towards a career in firefighting; which I began In 2009 with the St. Paul Fire Department. I thrive on the high paced nature of the job, helping people in need, and being part of a firefighting team. In 2011, I decided to sell my share in Parkway Pizza, after growing it from a hole in the wall, to a trusted neighborhood staple with outstanding product and a team of dedicated employees. My entrepreneurial spirit and drive to serve others brought me into real estate. 

I've been a Realtor since 2011 working with a wide variety of clients, and gaining experience in all types of transactions. No matter what type of property you are looking for, no one will work harder to exceptionally serve you.

After extensively remodeling my own home, I have found a passion for helping clients purchase, design, and build their dream home. 

I live with my wife Anna, our sons JJ and Charlie, and our dog Riley. We bought our house in 2009 in Southwest Minneapolis as Anna and I grew up loving the area.  We have enjoyed building our family in an area full of parks, lakes, and great people.

I love spending time with my family and friends. I have tons of energy as evidenced by being a marathoner, soccer player, biker, and triathlete, as well as remodeling my home. I also enjoy playing frisbee with our dog.  I grew up loving anything that went fast and continue to have a passion for cars and auto racing.